11 February 2012

Early Returns: Strikes Not Happening

Reports from around Cairo seem to indicate that the nationwide call for a general strike has mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Bikya Masr is reporting that most shops in Cairo are open and operating as usual, and transportation at Cairo International Airport and through the Suez Canal seems to be normal.

Additionally, the Wafd--a long-standing liberal political party--announced this morning that it refused to participate in the strike due to economic concerns.

Once again, calling for a strike on a Saturday--especially when a majority of those calling for the strike are universities essentially unaffected by taking a day off when they're not actually in class--seems to be an odd choice.

However, a heightened military presence of troops and tanks is still expected to remain at various "hot spots" throughout the day, so the verdict is still out as to how the day will progress.

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